Life is short~Wear the Lipstick!

Confidence is so attractive!

-this is something I personally love about my spouse.

I’ve always been the super shy, quiet kind of girl. My whole 31 years of life.

With that being said, I was never a popular girl in school. I didn’t really date or even do a lot of the things the “cool kids” did until I was older.

I didn’t even start wearing makeup until my 20’s and even that was just a little foundation, maybe some mascara.

I’m fine with this because I’m pretty sure I’d look like a clown if I tried all those fancy tricks people do with contouring, highlighting, and all that good stuff. Props to them! They do some amazing things!

So back to confidence… I’ve always loved lipstick but you know me being me, it ends up everywhere- my face, my teeth, my clothes, you name it. So of course I was never confident enough to wear it. I mean I don’t know anyone who’s comfortable wearing it on their teeth! Good job to the ladies who aren’t like me and can keep their lipstick on their lips only.

One day I came across a long wear lipstick (LipSense) that is smudge proof, waterproof and kiss proof! Imagine that!

Of course I was skeptical at first but I started seeing it everywhere and became very curious about it. I had decided to buy it, I just needed to figure out where to get it. Then a former co-worker of mine became a distributor and of course I became a customer! I bought one color to try and was ecstatic when I realized it really didn’t budge. And to make matters even better, it lasted over 9 hours and then I fell asleep with it.

I totally forgot I had it on, so in the morning, you can imagine my surprise when I walked passed the mirror and had to take a second look—

oh hey gorgeous!

This was like a dream come true! I was in love… so what did I do next? Order two more colors of course! hehe! AND THEN! Became a distributor myself.

Then back to reality! I had to go back to work and even though I loved my new lip colors, I felt almost embarrassed to wear them to work. What would people say or think? So guess what- I didn’t wear them to work. I wore them on the weekends and felt fabulous!

Why should I only feel fabulous on the weekends? I mean work is stressful, I should try my best to feel great all the time! And back to what would people say or think? Who cares! Most likely no one would even care what I was wearing. I was worried about something that was pretty ridiculous.

As women, and even just people – because not only women feel uncomfortable in their own skin- we are often our worst critics. And even when we’re not, and its some jerk who wants to put us down, why do we let them? Everyone is beautiful in their own way and I say wear whatever makeup you want. If it makes you feel good then do it! I even added a little blush to my makeup routine now haha! Who knows what I’ll do next!

Just remember that life is short- so wear the lipstick!



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