A new forever home

We love our dogs. When I say that, I don’t mean it lightly. We literally love our dogs as though they were children. For some that may seem ridiculous but for us, it’s perfect. So when we made the decision to give one of ours to a new forever home, you can imagine how much it hurt (hurts).

So a little bit of back ground on us and our pups. We started with one perfect pup, Jeter. He behaves, listens, responds, loves and he is excellent with kids. The perfect dog. I cannot think of a dog better than him. He is more loyal than you will ever imagine!

Obviously, the natural thing to do when you have the perfect pet is get more right? Well that’s exactly what we did. Enter in Jazzy, the Princess. Oh, does she know it! Petite, beautiful, sassy, do not mess with her, princess. These two together, I can’t even find the words! There was so much love at the time that I decided why not one more?

That’s when we saved Jaxen. ( I know all J’s but when you have 3 it makes it easy to refer to them in a group). Rather, maybe he saved us. Sometimes, I think he’s a little more difficult than the other 2 but I swear he has such a big heart. All smiles all the time.

As I’m writing this, I now realize this is where I should have stopped.  Hindsight, of course being 20/20. I say “I” because my spouse was completely content with just Jeter. However, since she can’t tell me “no” she reluctantly, agreed to the others.

So here we are. Living life with the Big 3. These perfect, happy, loving, never hurt anyone in their whole lives pups.

Me, being me, decided let’s add one more. This will be the last one I swear. It will be good for them to have a bigger dog around.

Enter in Jemma. A pit bull pup.  I swear she is so loving, energetic, playful just this gorgeous little beast.

This is when things started to change for the others. The once playful Jaxen became afraid, Jeter was aggressive/protective of every toy, Jazzy was just not having it, she stayed as far away as possible.

But God do we love Jemma. We tried to make it work. Things just kept getting worse. To the point where Jaxen and Jemma were fighting, Jemma could not come near Jeter. He growled every single time. You could tell all she wanted was their love and to play with them. She meant absolutely no harm to them whatsoever. They didn’t care.

Some may think that this is just a phase, they’ll get over it. They’ll get used to her. We thought the same thing. They weren’t, They didn’t, and the phase didn’t end. This is when we decided it was best for Jemma to go to a new home. A decision that is not taken lightly.

Arguably, the hardest decision I’ve made thus far. When you have these 3 loving dogs and you see them turning into something you never could have fathomed. That’s when you know you have to make the hard decisions.

It’s not fair to Jemma to be a baby, a puppy, and just continuously be growled at. It’s not fair to Jaxen to be afraid to eat. Something has to change. So we did.

When you give all your love to something, letting go is not easy.

We were lucky enough to find a home in family friends! We could not have asked for better parents. We know she is going to do so well with them! So why can’t I be 100% happy?

It hasn’t even been 24 hours and Jaxen is playing like he used. Jeter seems more relaxed. Jazzy is still indifferent as always, but for the first time in months she is playing with Jaxen like they did before Jemma came along.

I know this is the best decision for her, I do. The selfish part of me just wants her here with us forever. I know this can’t be our reality, for her sake. It’s not fair to keep her among other pups who don’t want her around and as she gets bigger she will realize it and probably hurt them. These are all things I keep telling myself, I have to.

We will still get to see Jemma and I’m certain that when she sees us she will be equally excited. I’m excited for her new journey I know it will be a good one. I am also sad for that part of my heart to be gone.



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