Why I chose College

College is probably one of the most important things you can do in life. Right?

This is one of the many ideas that  have been shared with me since kindergarten. This and “Don’t waste your mind, you’re smart and need to go to college”, “You need college to be successful”, “College is the only way you will be better in life” oh and my all time favorite, “If you don’t go to college you’ll be a bum”.

CollegeFirst of all, I’ve seen tons of “bums” that are whole-heartedly content with the life they live. Secondly, college is expensive!

Does nobody else realize this? Why don’t they tell you, “hey, want $100k in debt? Go to college!”. No, that would be way to honest, and while we’re being honest, nobody is honest anymore.

Well I’ll tell ya what, I am not a college graduate and I actually make more $$$ than my spouse (who is a graduate).  Surprised? You should be.  This is crazy! People are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on college just to find themselves in debt and trying to figure out how to pay student loans.

So why, oh why, am i going to college when there are so many negatives?

Easy. I want to. I’ve tried several times to restart college, then stop and then restart again.    I felt so frustrated each time. Why waste the time? I’m successful. I make good money. I’m happy. I just don’t think my life will be complete until I am able to show myself I can easily do this. I know it’s easy because well, I’ve done it so many times.

Life is not easy, and many times the world is telling us that we are not enough. We are enough though. Sometimes it’s just a bit harder to see through the bitterness of the world to realize that what we need is happiness, not money.




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