Things Teachers Say

Have you ever been working with kids and just stop to laugh at something you say? This happens to me all the time and I tell my coworkers, “Can you imagine if someone would create a book of all the crazy stuff we say?” I think that would be amazing!

Just about every day either I, another teacher, or students say something crazy/silly/funny – you name it!

Lately, my students have had a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. Well, we were nearing the end of the day – a long and tiring day, when I had my class line up from recess to go inside. As we are lining up — or so I thought, because really my line looked like a big blob of kids talking and NOT keeping their hands to themselves.

I said “Stop touching each other and get in line!” —- to which I had to laugh because of how silly I sounded.

Then I remembered when I was teaching Summer school and I heard my teammate shout to the kids (while having snack) “Stop touching her butt!”

The things we say can be so funny and I have to remind myself to try to be a little more serious when I realize how silly I sound.

I decided to make a list of some of the stuff I remember saying or hearing during the school day that just sound silly!

Here we go:

  • I hear voices
  • Keep your tongue to yourself
  • Please don’t eat that paper
  • Are you eating an eraser again?
  • Who’s humming?!
  • Please stop poking your friend
  • Stop tapping
  • We’re not in drumming class
  • Cute buns (hair buns, but sounded strange)
  • Do not sharpen your finger
  • Don’t flick your lunch
  • You shouldn’t put popcorn in your nose
  • Get your finger out of your friends nose (and ear)
  • He doesn’t like it when you look at him
  • She doesn’t like when you try to lick her
  • and most importantly lets not forget the day I didn’t say, but typed out our newsletter, made 80 copies and passed them out before realizing on a special shirt day I forgot the “r” in shirt!
  • Oh yeah, I almost forgot the time an eight year old told me that going to college was pointless because all people do is “party and waste their parent’s money.”

Of course when I sit down to think of the funny things I have heard, I don’t remember even half of them, but I’d like to invite other teachers to comment and share funny things you say in the classroom.



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