Too many dogs to have a baby?

Today was my day back to work after having a week off! I am definitely a “good morning” kind of person. I tell everyone I see good morning as I am walking down to my destination. Everything was normal and everyone seemed ready to start the day.

I like when people are happy- it makes me happy too. Which is why I like to spread good mornings and smiles as I’m walking in to work.

Anywho- my spouse and I have been (sort of) struggling with the idea of having a child. We will have to do IVF and actually started the process but something didn’t feel quite right and we stopped. Then we tried fostering and although we didn’t actually foster, we decided (in one of our many training classes) that fostering wasn’t for us.

So our plan is to hopefully continue the IVF process in the future because it has always been our dream to be parents.

We’ve had “baby fever” for almost 3 years now! We’re just waiting for the right time to begin our journey again. I honestly feel like the reason we stopped and something wasn’t feeling quite right is because of all the negativity of others around us. We try to be positive people, constantly looking for the good in all things. So the negativity (I won’t mention specifics) was really getting to us.

Here’s the thing – in my opinion if you’re wanting to, or have always wanted to be a parent, I think you should be able to make that decision without people being so negative. Especially when you have to go through thousands of dollars (literally) just to have your child.

So let me get to the part about my dogs. Because you’re probably wondering what the heck my title has to do with this post. Well, we have 4 dogs now. We just adopted our new fur-baby a couple of weeks ago. Of course I’m proud and excited to show her and my fur-family off so I share pictures on social media with family and friends. Everyone is supportive of the dogs by the way. And let me add in that my fur-babies are spoiled and we are pretty good dog parents. We don’t ask anyone for help (with anything), we both work full time and support ourselves and our fur-babies.

Back to this morning- so as I’m trying to spread good mornings today at work, one lady says to me “Oh I saw your pictures of your new dog.” I’m thinking yes, yes she’s gorgeous! LOL! So I smile and say “Yes, we got another one.” Then her response is “Four dogs! Well now you really can’t have a baby with four dogs.”

First of all- I don’t even know what having four dogs has to do with having a child. But, she also knew that we have been wanting a child and have looked into fostering and decided that fostering was not for us. So why would she even say something like that? Her opinion isn’t really important but it sucks (to be blunt) that people think their opinion is only what matters and their ways are the only way.

Like I said before, my spouse and I take care of ourselves. We have a nice home, full time jobs, and a loving relationship. I can tell you many people who have had children without any of these things, but the truth is its not my business to judge them. I just wanted to put it out there that I know we all make mistakes and sometimes things are said without the intent of being hurtful; but when you know about someone’s situation, be respectful. My spouse and I are in no way perfect – but we try our best in life and we love one another.

It’s hard when you want something so much and feel like its unreachable. I have had my ups and downs about this situation and I continue to stay strong for myself and my family so you can imagine I don’t appreciate everyone’s input on something that has nothing to do with them. I do appreciate information and advice when it comes from a good place.

What I’m trying to get across is that no matter what someone’s situation is, just be kind. You never know what they are going through.



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