DIY Febreze (odor eliminator)

I have 3 children at home, and by children I mean fur-babies! We also have a nice sized yard with lots of dirt. So you can imagine that we consistently need to vacuum around the house.

Every time we vacuum the living room and couches, I feel like we need something else to keep the house feeling and smelling fresh so I decided to make my own odor eliminator.

This is perfect for spraying on surfaces you might not normally (or even easily) be able to clean or freshen.

It even doubles as a wrinkle releaser!

If you are a busy bee, maybe have children running around while trying to get everyone ready for the day, and you realize the shirt (or any piece of clothing for that matter) that you wanted to wear is wrinkled but you have no time to break out the iron and ironing board; or maybe your fur-baby chewed up the cord to your iron and now you don’t even have one handy, just hang it up and spray it with this magic solution. It will release wrinkles and smell fresh all day!

In our home we have used this on couches, carpets, mattresses, pillows, clothes, coats, stuffed animals and many more things. It gives that nice fresh feeling to things you cannot normally just throw in the washer.

I used a 32 oz spray bottle that I bought at Walmart for 99 cents!


All you need is the spray bottle

2 Tablespoons vinegar

2-4 Tablespoons Downey (or fabric softener of your choice)


The vinegar is the odor eliminator in this solution and the fabric softener, of course the breath of fresh air that you want to give to your home.


Just pour the vinegar and fabric softener in, and fill the bottle with water. This photo isn’t full because I use this all the time. Simple and cheap way to keep your home smelling fresh!


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