Life Goes On


I’ve seen this quote many times while browsing the net, but it really hit me hard a couple of days ago when I saw it on a social media site. My mother loved butterflies and always told us they were spirits of our loved ones who had passed.

I was lucky enough to have my mother in my life for 23 years. As lucky as I was, I still feel like the best part of me was ripped away; way too soon.  Although she’s been gone for seven years, I still find myself crying at random times. Wishing she was here and knowing that if she was, so many things would be taken care of. See, if you knew my “Mommy” as I called her, you would understand that she was beyond amazing.

You know those people who never forget anyone’s birthdays and make them homemade cakes every year for their special day… those people who love unconditionally… who always have time for anyone who needs them… who are honest, genuine, happy, respectful, fun, confident, disciplined and compassionate with a strong sense of humor – all at once?

Ya, me neither.

But that was my Mommy. Any good quality or trait you can think of… she had it!

As I grow older, I find myself facing new journeys that I wish she could be there for. My college graduation, move to a new state, first “real job,” my wedding day, and the welcoming of my first, second and last born fur-babies! I wish she could be there for all of this and everything in between.

Although it isn’t easy, and I do have my moments of confusion and anger, I often realize that she is there in everything I do. She’s the funky 70’s song played at family functions, she’s the love in my dogs’ eyes as they give me gentle kisses and comfort me, the enormous hugs my niece gives me, the sweet sense of happiness in my nephew’s laugh, she’s the rainbow after the storm, she’s in my heart forever. The lessons she taught me, the love she gave me and the values I hold are all thanks to her humble and loving ways.butterflies-and-heaven-via-shutterstock-615x345

She IS the butterfly who began her journey as caterpillar, striving to become more, leaving a beautiful mark on this earth; now fluttering by to remind us that life is what you make it.

– so make it your own kind of beautiful. f27378ab4cd19c65e8ba4690fb31a536


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