For the Love of the Game

I’ll never forget my first hit. I mean my REAL first hit. She pitched it, I closed my eyes and swung. Next thing I know everyone is yelling at me to run.

I was raised on baseball. The fresh air, the sound of a ball hitting the back of your glove, praying the ball would go over the fence when you made contact and sliding into home plate.

I’ve lived most of my life with the exact same principles I was taught in this game. Take care of your team, watch the ball, make sure to swing anytime the ball is close and know when to sacrifice. I don’t know about you but I can say that I see baseball everywhere I go.

I tend to swing for the fences anytime I get the chance. Really, that’s what makes life interesting. I mean, sure, you might strike out here and there but when you finally get that hit, that one good hit, there’s no feeling like it. Risk, that is what life is about (at least to me). Now that I’m married I don’t take nearly as many risks as I did when I was younger, but now they are more calculated risks, sacrifices.

We work hard to get where we want to go or want to be in life, so why not have some fun? I wouldn’t go out and jump on the hood of a car but maybe dance in the kitchen a little.

Follow that dream you’ve always wanted to, go to that place you’ve only seen in photos, try that food you’ve never had the chance to, whatever it is you do just remember to  swing for the fences.


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